Winter blues

2017-02-12 13.14.02

We had a mild winter last year, and this year hadn’t been bad either. Until last week. We had back to back snow storms which brought us a grand total of about 2 feet. And it brought on a serious case of get-me-the-fuck-out-of-here’s. If I have to shovel my car out of a snow bank one more time, I’m going to lose my mind.

We’ve been brainstorming ways to improve our lives. We’ve talked about several options. For now, I’m hunkered down, waiting for spring, not spending any money and using the debt snowball plan to pay down my debts. If I stick with it, I can have my car paid off my the end of the year and be well on my way to getting out from under these student loans too. Being out of debt will give us the freedom of so many other options. Small victories like that will go a long way in improving our quality of life.

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