What I pay for and what I don’t


I’ve been on a spending diet for over a year now, and it’s really helped me dig out of the deep debt that paralyzed me. Saving and cutting back have really been on my mind the last year. So, recently when I saw Kate post about what she pays for and what she doesn’t. I thought it would be fun to do my own post.


Going out for food and / or drinks with friends
We try to cook at home as often as possible, but if a friend invites us out to dinner or for drinks, we never turn them down.

Streaming subscriptions
We like to watch TV, but not as much as most people. We have specific shows we like on Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Now. Paying for these three services is still cheaper than a cable subscription. If we find the need to watch a major network we have an antenna.

A quality haircut
Several years ago I visited a highly trained stylist on a co-worker’s recommendation and I’ve never turned back. While my days of going to budget chain salons may be over, I don’t go crazy with this. I actually don’t see my stylist as often as I should. I only get my hair cut 2-3 times a year.

Quality food for us and the pets
I’ve been eating paleo for a couple of years, and food quality is very important to me. I refuse to scrimp when it comes to something that is so important to our health. I buy the best food I can for us and our pets. My favorite discovery is Thrive Market. Everything I need now comes to my door instead of having to go to 4 different grocery stores.

Doggy daycare
We spend as much time as we can with our dogs. Unfortunately, where we are living right now isn’t really as conducive to being outside with the dogs. We like to take them on hikes and play in the yard. When it’s freezing more months than not, that can be difficult. It’s definitely worth the money for us to take them to daycare a couple of days a week. They get to socialize, exercise, and burn of their energy.



Mani / pedi’s
This isn’t entirely true. MAYBE once a year I’ll get a pedicure. But honestly, I’d rather do it myself. I feel SUPER uncomfortable sitting there having someone give me a pedicure. There’s a weird power dynamic about the whole thing that I just don’t like and I feel like a jerk every time I get one.

Big name brands
If I find something at a discount store and it’s cheap, I might pick it up. I also use a couple of second hand clothing apps to buy name brands for less. For example, I like Express jeans. There is NO WAY IN HELL I will pay how much they charge for them. If I come across them on an app for $20, I’ll grab a pair. The only other place I really buy clothes is Target.

Cable TV
As mentioned earlier, we’re not super big on TV. Spending money on a cable subscription every month just seems like a waste.

We used to hit up Starbucks on the daily. These days, I’ve given up lattes and don’t drink much coffee in general. I’ve cut sugar from my diet, and I’m not a huge fan of black coffee so that leaves very few options for me to get coffee out anyway. When I do drink coffee, it’s usually at the office or at home. It’s pretty rare that I get a cup of coffee out, unless it’s cheap diner coffee.


I’d love to know what YOU do and do not spend money on. It’s so interesting to see what things are priorities for different people.

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