western diner

M and I were in search of a quick diner breakfast close to our apartment, but it couldn’t be at our old standby Metro 20. Unfortunately, the last time we ate at our formerly beloved Metro, there were flies buzzing around our table throughout the whole meal. Probably one of M’s biggest pet peeves. So he declared that our last meal at the Metro. Which left us scrambling for some good, quick breakfast. We decided to try the Western Diner which is a few miles further¬† up the road.

I thought their coffee cups were cute, and since I usually drink my coffee black with 2 sugars, I dove right in. It wasn’t as good as Metro’s coffee, but it was acceptable.

M, on the other hand, takes his coffee with creamers. Unfortunately the creamers presented to him hadn’t been kept refrigerated as the labels directed and when he mixed them into his coffee curdles rose to the top. M was disgusted. He tried fishing the curdles out, but ended up sending the entire cup back. And our waiter never brought him a new one…

And the water is served in mini glasses…another pet peeve of ours.

The counter was empty because there were only 2 or 3 other customers there. All older. I have a feeling their core demographic is geriatric.

Our meals arrived. You can’t tell from this photo, but my French Toast was pretty much neon yellow. I have NEVER seen French Toast that looked like this. And they presented my plate like this….with dirty butter and syrup packets LAYING ON TOP OF MY FOOD. No. Unacceptable. Disgusting. The French Toast had no seasoning, no powdered sugar, nothing. I guess if your main clientele is the elderly you don’t have to be too concerned over giving your food any flavor?

This was M’s breakfast. He was already stewing over the coffee incident, and wasn’t impressed with his breakfast to say the least. His homefries were burnt and crusty, he described the bacon as “weak ass,” his sausages were “crappy pre-frozen Jimmy Dean,” and he said his eggs were slimy.¬†

M summed up our experience with this zinger: “But only ONE fly in the place…guess they don’t like the food either.”
The search continues…

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