The Local Dish: 7 favorite restaurants in Troy, NY


Depending on where you live, you may or may not have heard of our tiny city, Troy NY. We’re nestled along the banks of the Hudson River, just slightly north of New York’s capital city, Albany. Known as ‘the birthplace of Uncle Sam,’ and ‘the collar city,’ Troy is experiencing a renaissance, and we are reaping the rewards of living in this city at such an exciting time. We’ve lived here for almost seven years, and it’s changed a  lot in just that short amount of time.


1. The Hill at Muza

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We may be a bit biased because The Hill at Muza is literally a two minute walk from our house. This place first opened a few years after we moved to Troy, and it’s brought so much class to our little neighborhood. Just look at this photo of their patio taken from their Instagram! They keep the patio open year-round and it’s a cozy place to sit with all of these gas flame heaters going. The play list is always on point, the beer and wine selection is great, you HAVE to try the pretzel bites, but basically the entire menu is delicious. And the place couldn’t be run by nicer people. If you haven’t been here yet, what are you waiting for?


2. Troy Kitchen

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Troy Kitchen is a great little spot. We love stopping in here to pick up a quick to-go dinner on our way to Trivia Night at Rare Form. This place is an incubator for local restaurants to build a following before investing in their own space. Such a great idea, such a great way to build community. I love that the lineup is regularly changing in here, but we always know there will be something tasty to try. Which leads us to our next pick that used to be housed in Troy Kitchen and recently graduated to their own space…


3. Bespoke Bowl
2017-10-18 18.24.07

Bespoke Bowl used to be our go-to at Troy Kitchen until they opened their own spot this past fall. We love that you can customize your bowl with many topping and protein options. For those looking for an authentic Hawaiian experience, they even offer Spam on their menu. Truly a lesser-known gem of the collar city.


4. Dinosaur BBQ
2017-09-24 19.12.25-2

In the summer, you CAN NOT beat sitting on the deck at Dinosaur BBQ. It’s our favorite place to meet friends when the weather is warm. The deck is right along the Hudson, and if you catch it at the right time, you can see an incredible sunset over the river like the one above. But great deck aside, their food is always solid, they have a good beer selection, and most important to me – a decent tequila selection. I like to get the chicken steak and a nice tequila seltzer.


5. DeFazio’s Pizzeria
2016-04-08 18.22.33

DeFazio’s isn’t just the best pizza in Troy, it’s the best pizza in this area, period. They only use the best ingredients, and you can taste it in every pie. Our favorite is the Smoked Mozzerella. There’s really no words to express how great this pizza is. You just need to eat it. It’s worth every penny.


6. The Shop
2017-05-31 20.47.58

The food menu at The Shop always impresses, but when you pair it with the cocktail menu crafted by their professional mixologists this place becomes the best place in town for a cozy date night. If you’re looking to go on a busy night, I’d recommend making a reservation. Pair a gourmet comfort food dish with an expertly mixed cocktail and finish it off with a rich dessert. Date night done right. Our must-order cocktail: The Staycation. Get into it.


7.  Muddaddy Flats
Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 6.14.43 PM
Another hidden gem, Muddaddy Flats Quesadillary.  What we love most about this place, besides the amazing family that runs it, are how allergy friendly the menu is. We routinely order gluten free quesadillas made with non-dairy cheese, and guess what? They are just as good as the gluten drenched dairy bombs that you can also find here. The next time you’re looking for a quick bite in Downtown Troy, give Muddaddy Flats a try. They are our go-to for quick, delicious lunches.


There are many more great restaurants in Troy, but these are our tippy-top picks. Have you ever visited Troy? What’s your favorite?

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