the green monster

Ever since the New Year, I’ve been reading all over the blogosphere about this awesome energy boosting shake called The Green Monster. Everyone has been raving about how much energy it gives them, some have even claimed they’ve given up coffee and switched over to this. Since we’re trying to be more healthy I decided to give it a whirl myself, and here’s what happened:
 Step 1: put 2 tablespoons of Flax Seed in your blender
 Step 2: Add one cup of Almond Milk to your blender.
Step 3: Slice up one banana and add it to your blender.
 Step 4: Fill the rest of the empty space in your blender with baby spinach. Yup, SPINACH!

 This is what your blender should look like, put the top on and begin to liquefy.
 I start by pulsing my blender until all of the spinach is blended in, then I set it to liquefy for about a minute to make sure it grinds up the spinach and flax seeds fairly well.
 This recipe makes enough to fill a pint glass.
And it was delicious! You can’t taste the spinach, you get a nutty taste from the almond milk and flax seed, but the main flavor that comes through is the banana. Not full on strong banana, but a mellowed more subtle banana flavor. It was delicious!
M tasted it and suggested I make it with some sugar….which would pretty much defeat the purpose ;)
I’m a fan! Next I’m going to try making it with a frozen banana for more of a smoothie texture instead of the shake texture a raw banana gives you.
Have you tried the Green Monster?
What did you think of it?
If not, will you?

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