Ripley’s gotcha day

Emmett in the car

It all started with a Facebook post. Mike’s cousin posted puppy pictures. Her dog had a litter, and they were ready to find their new homes. We had talked about getting a second dog – when we get a bigger house. We don’t have a bigger house yet.

We talked about how it was a bad time for us to get a puppy – pool season was just about to start up for Mike, and we were launching into our second summer craft fair season. We didn’t have enough time for a puppy. We weren’t going to take one.

Then, I came home from work and Mike told me we were taking Emmett to his cousin’s house that weekend to meet the puppies and ‘see if he likes any of them.’

Sunday, April 24th was a beautiful sunny morning. We packed Emmett up in the car bright and early, and drove out to the lake to meet the puppies.

Ripley and her sister

We knew we wanted a female, and there were two to choose from. Mike already had his eye on the white puppy, because he always wanted a white puppy. I was initially partial to the little tan girl.

Ripley and her sister

They were both super sweet, but the white puppy seemed to be a bit more reserved, shy, and calm. Her energy level seemed to be a better fit for us.

Emmett & Ripley

Emmett was indifferent to both of them. He definitely didn’t realize one of them was about to become his life partner.

Final decision

Mike put the collar and leash we’d brought on the little white puppy. Decision was made. Look at how sad that little tan girl looks in this picture. It breaks my heart.

Time to go home!

So we put them in the car and headed home.

Happy gotcha day, Ripley!

She didn’t last long in the back seat. She peed, and whined. I gave in and held her for the ride home, and once she was in my lap she calmed down. Mike had her name picked out before we even got her. She’s named after Sigourney Weaver’s character in the Alien movies: Ellen Ripley.

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