iron gate brunch

 This weekend we finally accomplished one of our long time goals: brunch with Kelly and Matt at one of their favorite breakfast spots: The Iron Gate Cafe.
 This was our first time at the Iron Gate, and we were really impressed with the quirky dining layout and the brunch specials. I wish that they had a little more variety though, most of their options were egg based dishes. A few french toast or waffle options would make this place even better.
I had the Bacado Omelet, which is filled with cheese, salsa, avacado, and bacon. It was delicious!

M had the Memphis Scramble, which was also delicious. Look at that cornbread!
And we made sure to take advantage of something the Iron Gate offers that you usually can’t get at the diners we frequent: Mimosas. They were a little heavy handed on the champagne, but I’m not complaining!

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