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For the past 6+ years, I commute an hour each way to and from work. In this time, I’ve discovered some pretty great podcasts. Eventually, these podcasts overtook what was once my number one passion: listening to music.

These days, I love nothing more than driving around, cooking dinner, walking the dogs, and doing chores while listening to other people’s conversations. I think it’s an introvert thing – I can feel like I’m part of a conversation with zero pressure to participate and chime in. It’s wonderful.

Here are the podcasts that are currently in heavy rotation:

My Favorite Murder
I actually have my boss to thank for this one. I don’t know how we got on the topic, but she recommended MFM to me the fall of 2016 and I ended up binging all of the back episodes immediately. I love that these ladies know when to take themselves seriously, and when to laugh at themselves. I love that Karen and Georgia have helped make this true crime obsession an ok thing. I’m definitely a Karen. Are you a Karen, or a Georgia?

Pod Save America
I started listening to this after the 2016 election because I felt like I needed to hear informed, sane people with political experience talking about what the hell is going on in our government. This podcast acts as my twice weekly source of news as well as a sanity check.

True Crime Garage
After binging all of the MFM episodes, I was feeling like I STILL didn’t have enough true crime chatter in my life, so I did some searching for recommendations and came across True Crime Garage. I love listening to Nic and The Captain break down case after case. They are so thorough. This could drive some people crazy, but I love hearing about each and every detail they have dug up in their research. I give this podcast 5/5 bottle caps.

The Dollop
The Dollop was a podcast I checked out after hearing Karen and Georgia talk about it on MFM. The basic concept is that Dave tells a story from history to Gareth, who doesn’t know what the topic is. Gareth interjects the story with funny questions, improvs, comments, etc. It’s a really engaging way to learn about historical events that I would have otherwise never heard about.

Bill Burr’s Podcast
Bill Burr is one of my favorite comedians. I like hearing his take on current events and what’s going on in his day to day life. His podcast comes out twice a week. There is the Monday Morning Podcast, followed by the Thursday Afternoon Just Before Friday Podcast. The Monday podcast is longer and ends with Bill reading listener emails, which I really enjoy. The Thursday podcast is more like a mini episode where Bill just checks in. The episodes I enjoy most are when he brings his wife, Nia on to talk with him. I have to say that especially during football season, the podcast gets heavy with the sports talk and I end up fast forwarding though all of that.

That’s So Retrograde
This podcast provides my weekly woo-woo time. Yes, there is astrology talk. Yes, there is crystal talk. Yes, there is meditation talk. Yes, there is health trend talk. Yes, there is weed talk. I really like the way that Steph and Elizabeth are able to take these topics and give them their own spin so that they aren’t so inaccessible. These are topics I’m really interested in, but historically can be presented with a vibe I’m not about. These girls totally nailed it. This podcast may not be for everyone. If you don’t enjoy California girls talking about the above topics, this may not be for you.

You Made It Weird
This podcast was one of the first I started listening to, very randomly. My husband owns Weird Beard Candle Co, and one day we were vending at a street fair. A lady came up to our booth and asked me if I had ever heard of the You Made It Weird podcast, and suggested I check it out. I did, and I loved it. It’s hosted by Pete Holmes from the HBO show, Crashing. Each episode can be anywhere from 1-3 hours. He talks to almost anyone you can imagine about almost anything you can imagine. I really enjoy listening to the conversations he has. This is another podcast that I binged during a road trip. There are SO MANY episodes, and each is so long. It will take you a while to get through the old episodes if you are looking for a binging challenge. Get into it.

Almost Famous
This is a guilty pleasure podcast for me. Most people don’t know this, but I am a Bachelor/ette fan. Including the spin off shows. Just as this most recent season began, I discovered that Ben and Ashley I had this podcast and I started listening to it. I really enjoy hearing their perspectives on what is happening during the show. And because they are so connected to other people who have been on the show, they have a lot of dirt AND a lot of familiar people as guests. They made this season with Arie (worst Bachelor EVER) bearable. Don’t judge me.

The Keto Diet Podcast
Recently, I’ve started to do more research and experimentation with the keto diet. Leanne literally wrote the book. Most of the information about this lifestyle is geared toward men, so it’s really great to hear her experience as a female. She also interviews real life people who are living this lifestyle and can share real struggles and successes.

Generation Why
This is another podcast that I started listening to by way of Karen and Georgia mentioning it on MFM. The pacing can be kind of slow and monotone, but I really enjoy the storytelling in this podcast. I steer clear of the more paranormal episodes, but if you’re looking for a supplemental true crime podcast, this is a good one to check out.

This is another one of my old school podcasts. I started listening to this around the same time as You Made It Weird. I highly recommend listening to the Obama episode. Every interview is engaging, even if you don’t think you’ll be interested in the person being interviewed.

ID10T Podcast (aka the podcast formerly known as Nerdist)
I started listening to the Nerdist podcast after I finished binging You Made It Weird and wanted to listen to more celebrity interviews. I like Chris Hardwick’s interview style. There hasn’t been a single episode where I wasn’t engaged by the conversation the entire time.


Based on these podcasts that are currently in my rotation, do you have any recommendations for me?

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