Golden Milk Ice Cream

You may recall my post from a few months ago singing the praises of drinking Golden Milk every day. It’s still part of my daily practice, and I can’t get enough turmeric in my life. Shortly after writing that post, I had a stroke of genius: make Golden Milk ice cream!

I worked on my own recipe for a couple of weeks, and just as I was ready to post about my brilliant idea, Minimalist Baker posted her own delicious recipe, complete with gorgeous photos. It was very similar to the one I had been working on, so I decided to adapt hers to what I had been going for.

Cooking Golden Milk Ice Cream batter.

The first step is to cook the ice cream ‘batter.’ I like to cook mine on low to medium heat until just before it hits a simmer. Then it goes into a pyrex bowl and sits in the fridge overnight.

Churning Golden Milk Ice Cream from CAPow CAPow on Vimeo.

The next day, I set up my kitchen aid with the ice cream maker attachment, and let it run for about a half hour. Then I scoop the ice cream into old Talenti pints and layer local honey swirls in between my scoops.

Pints of Golden Milk Ice Cream

I get a little over 2 pints from this recipe, which I could eat in 3 sittings, but I try to make it last a few weeks.

Golden Milk Ice Cream with a local honey swirl


Nothing sweeter than a delicious dessert that is also helping your body rather than hurting it. It may sound strange, but it’s so good!

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