Go home, Stella. You’re drunk.

2017-03-14 22.16.07


Blizzard Stella blew into town this week and left us a gift of 2 feet of snow in the span of 24 hours. For two people who are completely over the whole winter thing, this was not a welcome present on our doorstep and just reaffirmed that we’re not really interested in spending the rest of our days shoveling snow.

2017-03-14 22.16.30

I’d like to report that storms like this bring out the best in people, and help foster a sense of community as you all dig out together, and work as neighbors to help the greater good. Unfortunately, on our street, the only people actually shoveling are us and our tenants. Everyone else just plows their cars out of drifts and leaves banks of snow in the middle of the street. So who goes out to clean it up so that we have a place to park next week? We do.

2017-03-14 22.17.53


…and we’re kind of over it.

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