For our first wedding anniversary…

 Our friend Richie at Lark Tattoo gave us some ink. This was M’s first, and I took this picture just as Richie started to work. I thought for sure I’d get a better reaction face, but M was cool as a cucumber and when Richie asked him how it was he said “that’s it?!”

 Then it was my turn. It had been about 8 years since my last tattoo. It was uncomfortable at first, but then I either got used to it or my skin numbed out. Richie told me I have great skin for tattooing, which is good to hear because I don’t plan on waiting 8 years again until my next one!

We had them placed so they match up when we hold hands. They look pretty cute when we are together, but when I’m off on my own little Pinky looks awfully lonely there…I may have to get some tattoo buddies to keep her company!

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