Epic Road Trip Brew Tour Honeymoon 2012 – Brooklyn Bar Hopping

 After hanging out at the Brooklyn Brewery we grabbed some sushi for dinner then headed over to Barcade.

 M and his friend Jrrrrrr played some games while I chatted at the bar with my friend Kelly.

 Kelly and I couldn’t get over this little Bichon that was sitting at the bar like a perfect gentleman!
 After Barcade, Jrrrrrr took us to a tiny bar in Little Italy for some karaoke. M made a new friend along the way…
 This bar was Little Italy through and through.
And the karaoke was AMAZING! Everyone was so into it!
 Trying to coax M into singing a song.
 Kelly said “Let’s take a sexy picture!” So while I did my best Blue Steel, she was all grins.
Yep, even I got in on the karaoke action. Walk Like An Egyptian style.

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