Ending 2017 and starting 2018 in Florida pt. 5 – New Years Eve

We spent New Years Eve with Mike’s sister and her husband. We started off the night with a nice seafood dinner at Ana Maria Oyster Bar. The seafood and drinks were great. We took our car back to their house and called a Lyft to take us to downtown Bradenton. We stumbled across a bar called The Lost Kangaroo Pub. It seemed to be fate because Mike’s nephew had been told we were bringing him a live kangaroo for Christmas, and when we didn’t have one, Mike told him that it jumped out of the car and ran away….a lost kangaroo.


The place was cozy, and there were dogs there, so obviously I was happy.


The boys played darts in the back, but I was getting bored. So I googled to see if there was any karaoke going on. There was supposed to be karaoke at this dive bar in Sarasota, so we took a Lyft over there, and pretty much left immediately. It was kind of scary, and they said they weren’t doing karaoke unless they got ‘really drunk later.’ So we had our Lyft driver pick us back up and take us to downtown Sarasota where they were having the pineapple drop.

It was a MOB SCENE down there. So many people, every place was too crowded to have a good time, so we bailed on Sarasota and called a Lyft to take us BACK to Bradenton. And back to The Lost Kangaroo Pub, where we rang in the new year.



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