Ending 2017 and starting 2018 in Florida pt. 1 – Finding our place



We headed down to spend our holidays with Mike’s family on the sunny, central gulf coast of Florida. We drove. With a dog. Straight through. So the day we arrived, it was about 2pm, and we didn’t do much but unload the car and relax. But day two, we headed directly to the beach.

We visited Indian Rocks Beach, and I didn’t take ANY pictures at the beach. I was too busy picking up sea shells to bring back to my nephews.

After walking the beach for a couple of hours, we were hungry for lunch and asked Google to lead us to the best tacos in our next destination: St Petersburg. Casita Taqueria was the pick, and we were NOT disappointed. You can’t get tacos like THAT where we come from. You also can’t sit on a patio in a tank top and shorts in December where we come from, so we were pretty psyched.

IMG_20171223_144604_078 IMG_20171223_144604_079 IMG_20171223_144604_080

After our tacos, we decided to leave the car parked and explore the strip. Central Ave runs from downtown all the way out to the beach. We were about mid way, and decided to walk toward downtown to see what we could find.

A couple of blocks away, we stumbled upon this bar called The Dog Bar. I looked at Mike and said, ‘whaaaaaat?! I’M NEVER LEAVING THIS PLACE.’

IMG_20171223_145727_138 IMG_20171223_145727_140

If the beaches, warm weather, tacos, and dog bar weren’t enough…right across the street from The Dog Bar is a little arcade bar. It’s like that corner was MADE for us. And I didn’t even get to the murals yet. St Pete is COVERED in beautiful street art. So much that it deserves it’s own post.

Emmett was safely back home with our dogsitter, and while we were exploring St Pete, Ripley was staying with Mike’s family, completely content:


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