[BROOKLYN 2016] What we did other than Renegade

2016-06-24 12.45.56
Mike’s business, Weird Beard Candle Co. was part of the June 25 Renegade Brooklyn Pop Up. So the afternoon of the 24th, we packed up my tiny Prius C, tetris style, and headed 3 hours south to Brooklyn. We were staying with one of Mike’s oldest friends for the weekend, so we knew that no matter how well we did at Renegade, we’d still have a great weekend.

2016-06-24 17.45.16After unloading the contents of our car into their apartment, Mike’s friends took us for drinks at this amazing rooftop bar called Northern Territory. After catching up and sipping a couple glasses of Rosé, we headed out to grab dinner.

2016-06-24 19.15.06
It was the perfect evening to be outside, so a requirement for dinner was eating on a patio. We decided to go with Baoburg.

2016-06-24 19.23.14
The main focus of the menu are dishes served in buns, so when we saw tis cocktail named, ‘Eat My Buns,’ we had to give it a try. The food was good, though we did have a glitch with service and ended up having to stay there until well after dark. By the time we left, we were all ready for more drinks.

2016-06-24 21.53.28But first, a quick stop next door at Van Leeuwen for dessert. I had this amazing peanut butter chocolate chip vegan ice cream.

2016-06-24 23.27.11
Next stop was Sunshine Laundromat and Pinball. It’s literally a laundromat with a pinball bar in the back room. It was super air conditioned there, so we didn’t stay long, but it was a really cool space.

2016-06-24 23.34.18 2016-06-24 23.34.28 2016-06-24 23.42.20 2016-06-25 07.43.08-2
The next morning, Mike and I had to get up bright and early to set up and vend at Renegade. The only coffee shop in all of Williamsburg that was open before 8am on a Saturday was Blue Bottle. I got a New Orleans Iced Coffee, and it really hit the spot.

2016-06-25 08.09.23-2
After grabbing our coffee, we headed over to East River State Park, and set up our post for the day. Renegade went until 7. We got to meet and talk to a ton of great people. If you’re interested in reading about our day, you can read the post we put together over on the Weird Beard Candle Co blog.

2016-06-25 22.59.03-2
After Renegade, the one thing on Mike’s to-do list was to hit up Barcade. It was a long day, so the night was a little shorter than it could have been.

2016-06-26 12.26.06
he next morning, we walked from Greenpoint over to Williamsburg in search of coffee, brunch, and street art. We had great coffee and this tasty eggs benedict at Shelter. Then walked back to Greenpoint, snapping photos of street art  and stopping that vintage shops along the way. Then it was time to pack the car back up and head home.

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