[Austin 2016] The conference, downtown, and skeeball

2016-04-16 08.38.31

Day two was mostly taken up by the 10 hour conference we were in town for. We got up early and had a great breakfast at Bouldin Creek Cafe.

2016-04-16 09.29.59

2016-04-16 09.43.03

This is the downtown view from the terrace of the office where our conference was all day. After 10 hours of listening to talks, we needed a change of scenery and a pick-me-up. So we walked over to check out 6th St and VooDoo Doughnuts.

2016-04-16 18.33.54 2016-04-16 18.33.56 2016-04-16 18.37.31 2016-04-16 18.37.38 2016-04-16 18.41.05

After the doughnuts, we grabbed a light dinner, then headed across town to Full Circle, the skeeball bar.

2016-04-16 20.30.45

I had a nice, dry, Austin brewed cider while we played skeeball for hours. All the machines were set to free play, and we definitely took advantage.

2016-04-16 20.32.27

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