[Austin 2016] Squeezing in a few things before the downpour

2016-04-17 13.49.18-1

Sunday was our day to check out South Congress. We got in as much as we could before the torrential rain set in. First stop was Allen Boots.

2016-04-17 14.04.07

We walked a little further down the strip, and I saw this great collection of wheat paste street art. Next up was Uncommon Objects, and I could have spent HOURS in there. The place was full of treasures at every turn.

2016-04-17 14.11.25 2016-04-17 14.11.41 2016-04-17 14.13.19 2016-04-17 14.16.22

2016-04-17 14.33.53

The skies darkened as we made our way down the strip, but I was able to snap a photo of this sign and text it off to Mike before the downpour set it. Once it started raining, we got a car to the airport and waited for our flight.

2016-04-17 17.57.06

This is the view of the storm from above.

2016-04-17 23.53.03-1


We finally descended on our hometown right around midnight. Even though the weekend was great, I was definitely ready to go home and catch up on my sleep.

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